Dec-Tec's Liberty 1 Decoder

This is one of my favorite descramblers, so far, considering the fact this device was originally supposed to be able to descramble all scrambled satellite signals at that time. Currently I have NOT SEEN a working SUN board. Although these boards will work with wizard codes, they will not bring video on VC2+ channels though. VC2+ sync may be possible with changes in the internal software, but I haven't been able to find anyone who can tell me exactly how much is done with this device at all other than the fact it's been a looonnnggg time since anyone has seen one functional. Anyways here's somemore information :)

This descrambler contains 6 Xilinx Logic Chips, 3 of which are Xilinx XC2018-50'S and the other 3 are Xilinx XC2064-50'S. Check Out The IC & What They Do Section For More Information

Pictured above is the top view of the Liberty 1 Circuit board. This board also contains a 'SIP Stick' which contains a Dallas 5000 IC, pictured below. The 2nd picture shows the battery which supplies the voltage to hold the data that is stored in the eprom (U2).


Sun Decoder Diagnostic Screen

IC's On The Sun Board & What They Do

Various Other Parts On The Sun Decoder

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