Awesome Satellite Related Web Site Links

North American & South American Satellites In Orbit
Lyngemark Satellite Charts: North & South American Satellites, Including Updated Transponder Listings

Satellite Guides
OnSat & TV PLus Online Guides
Satellite-TV Europe
Satellite TV Week
Satellite Orbit Magazine

C-Band Wizard Codes
Dirt Devil's Wizard Codes

(DSS) & (C-Band) Information
Pirate's Den - The DSS Satellite Hobbyists Choice
DSS Auctions - For Bidding On DSS & Other Ebay Forbidden Items (Check It Out)
Satellite TV Depot Inc.
Welcome To Theater [4DTV & BUD Satellite Info.]
21st Satellite-Satellite Information(TVRO)
The Official #Satellite Homepage
DR7's Digital Corruption Web Site
DSS Underground - The Best Link For DSS Information & Updated News
HITEC'S Satellite Page
Vidiot's Web Site (Trek & UPN Info)

Various Smart Card Dealers & Repairs (DSS)
Direct Test Devices

EPROM Burners / Programers / U-V Erasers
Future Active - BK Precision BK 401 Programmer (In Canada)
Needham's Electronics (Good Selection)
Andromeda Research
Andromeda Research - Sources For Eproms & Other Parts

Smart Card Programming Devices (DSS) Links
Firsttoi Smart Card Reader / Programmers
Paul Maxwell King's Web Site

Weekly & Monthly Publications For The Satellite Industry
Satellite News Online Magazine (Weekly)
Scrambling News
TELE-Satellite International Magazine

Other Technical Web Site Links
GLOBAL C/Ku Satellite Listings With Footprints
Emulation Information
Satellite Control Center SatcoDX 1 (Transponder Charts)
Smart Card Information

Large Telecommunications Company Web Site Links
Canadian Satellite Communications Inc. [ CANCOM ]
Directv Home Page
Dish Network Home Page
Expressvu Home Page
General Instruments Corporation
Leitch Engineering
Rogers Communications
Satellite Broadcast & Telecommunications Association
Scientific Atlanta
Starchoice Home Page
TVN Pay-Per-View Home Page

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