M/A-COM - The Videocipher 2 Decoder


Types Of Boards

Everything You Need To Know About 128K Eproms

What kind of Board Do You Have ?

What is Epoxy? How Do You Remove It?

Seed Keys & Wizzard Codes

IC's & Their Purposes

Troubleshooting Tips For Repairs On The VC2 Descrambler

VCII Parts List For 018 - 019 Descramblers

VCII Parts List For 032 Descramblers

VCII Integrated Circuits (IC) Pin Outs (Various Boards)

VCII Diagnostic Screens - What They Mean

VCII Hacks & Hacking

VCII Pirate Software (Explained - NO ACTUAL SOFTWARE!)

VCII Utilities & Small Programs

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